Sunday, August 23, 2015

Perfect Summer Weekend

 I'm cleaning, I'm cleaning again.

 Interesting multicoulour feathers atop the young male Hairy Woodpecker.

 This is where I discover that manual focus can outdo auto-focus through glass.
We also get the Downy at this feeder (and Hummingbirds of course).

 Blessed are the shat upon.

 One of my faves, Rose-breasted Grosbeak in transition.

But wait - there's more. 
Later on I was working under the car and looked up to see an unfamiliar tail, just above me, very close.
Backtrack to the tree in question: I've been concerned about our Catalpa trees losing a lot of foliage to Catalpa Sphinx caterpillars. While the caterpillars are somewhat impressive, the effect of a multitude rather turns one's opinion:
Enter the Yellow-billed Cuckoo! 

The first I ever photographed.
 A pair of them were feasting on the caterpillars, hurrah and hooray!
This was at a distance of about 85 feet.
Not counting the elevation!
Yes I've heard Cuckoos aren't the nicest regarding nests of others, but today they're my heroes. 
I looked for one of the caterpillars to show and the first I found was the victim of some parasitic insect (wasp?) but I ain't crying.

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