Friday, October 16, 2015


Ghost Crab. I put the nickel in the next day for scale.

 When I first saw him (rear view) I couldn't believe my eyes and thought maybe he was dead, but then he retreated into his pit. 1/2 hour later he re-emerged. 
 Meanwhile, another one came out nearby (combined for DOF).

This smaller one is well camouflaged. I found a site saying they 
"are able to chair their coloring to match their surroundings".

 A cooperative gull at sunrise.

Brown Pelican (immature?) from the beach.
 The dock was the spot for Pelican shots.

Need to ID the one on the left (Sanderling?). Guessing that's a Brown Pelican and some kind of gull.

Need to ID these guys.
 The same two with someone that appears to be quite different.

The Sanderling was a favourite, fun to watch running from the waves.

 I only saw one lizard, maybe it's a Green Anole?

 Meanwhile, street-side, Mockingbirds rule.
Rarely seen up our way, cousin of Catbird, Towhee and Thrasher.

The day before we left, these 3 were chasing around the front yard for hours. 
(Not a combined picture)

Must be the Cloudless Sulphur. They didn't sit still for top-of-wing shots.
I don't think we get these in Ohio, they seem larger than our Sulphurs.
 Here's one caught just after alighting, proboscis still coiled, wings slightly spread.

 We get a skipper something like this but I don't recall the long tail, or that iridescence.
The web says it's the Long-tailed Skipper, not ranging into Ohio if I read it right.

This smaller skipper fascinates in the way it parks it's wings.

 Gulf Fritillary, another one I don't see back home.
I include this shot because, although fuzzy, the eye struck me. 
On other individuals it didn't look eye-like at all.

Southern Hairstreak? Damaged but lovely.
 Ah, there's a familiar face, the Kildeer.
Lawn-abiding, by someone's pond.

Hatteras (People)

Gareth and Nancy out for a ride on the ritzy end of "our" street.
An invasive species methinks.

Some of the gang fishing.
We spent a lot of time on this jigsaw puzzle. Not a very good combined indoor/outdoor shot.
 Gareth and Nancy at the beach. 

Seafood night.

I was robbed!!

Sorry we didn't finish the puzzle, couldn't figure out that last piece!