Sunday, June 16, 2019

June Birds

June 14, 2019 unless otherwise noted.

The funny-looking wet Chickadee is the one got me started on this session.
I like the vertical raindrops too.

Ms Bluebird

Juvie Bluebird from 1st clutch.

Ms Red-bellied Woodpecker
I've read that Cardinals sometimes lose their head feathers, making them look a little like miniature Turkey Vultures. Add some rain and voila!

Rose-breasted Grosbeak.

Ms Bluebird again.

Rose-breasted Grosbeak.

Ms Red-bellied Woodpecker again
 Oriole enjoying 1999 vintage Smuckers grape jelly.  
I don't get too many Nuthatch shots, they move so quickly. 

June 10
I put out some grape jelly ("best by 1999") in hopes of attracting Orioles. Success with quick result, with a name like Smuckers...! Thanks to Michael Lavender for the suggestion. Young Bluebird and Chickadee also interested. Got a bit carried away with the merged-photo project, not all birds shown are coming for the jelly. Sandy Ridout you asked about the jelly presentation: lid from vitamin bottle.
Customers so far: Oriole, Juvie Bluebird; Chickadee; female Red-belly; Downy.

Jill Swiss: Do you have a bird/wildlife camera set up? This is incredible!

G: Not really, I'd like to get one. With hopes of catching Oriole(s) at jelly I put the GoPro out, snapping shots every second. We had to go out that morning. The goal wasn't to make this big amalgamation out of it but one thing led to another. Putting it together took me at least a couple of hours I think. Thanks!