Friday, August 28, 2020

Godin Bass Volume Control Project

 The idea here is to add a volume control (audio taper potentiometer) to this bass without drilling any holes. Yes, a factory UST (under-saddle transducer) exists with volume and tone control sliders, but I don't like A - the sound or B - the ease with which said controls can be accidentally bumped. I guess I'm old school. I added the Lace magnetic pickup (without drilling any holes BTW) but want an old fashioned rotary volume knob.  The value is 250k.

Mission partially accomplished.  Oh, one thing not shown in the pictures is a bit of the same strapping metal (about 1/4" x 3/16") inserted in a slot at the end of the dowel, engaging with a similar slot at the end of the pot shaft.

The pot is a bit stiff and it's hard to turn the 1/4" dowel rod.

This knob helps, as does a drop of lube on the pot shaft but it's still less friendly than I'd like. I think that's all down to the pot shaft itself being stiff.

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Macro Stuff 2020

Macro Stuff 2020

July 28
I'm trying several different rigs, but the latest is Pixel phone with projector lens.

First attempts worked surprisingly well.


Summer '20 Part II

 More Summer 2020 (some of which I posted on FB). Newer stuff at the top.

Good luck continued, saw this one before he/she saw me.  Scott Judd suggests immature Red-shouldered hawk, which I think fits with the size.

August 22. My lucky day, video started moments before this chrysalis popped. Film at 11, or maybe in a couple of days.

August 21. Eastern Wood Pewee, a flycatcher in action. 

If you don't have time for videos, here's a brief animation. The way he/she tracks reminds me of laser-guided robotics or something!

August 21. New Monarch fixing proboscis.

August 19. The second of my two EBS (Eastern Black Swallowtail) cats pupated. I was in the room with my back turned when this happened. I wanted to video the event but didn't know it was impending so soon. Sure glad I had the camera on time-lapse (one shot per minute). This animation represents about 13 minutes. Blows my mind how that silk sling stays there while the skin slips by!

August 19. We watched a Monarch "eclose" (what the butterfly folks call the magical transformation from chrysalis to butterfly). Here's the longer version, about 8-1/2 minutes long even though I sped up the last segment. The busting out part is done by the 1-1/2 minute mark.

And here she is, ready to fly.


August 16. Last song from Summer Knights' recent show.