Sunday, August 16, 2015

Another Dam Day

Biking/triking on the dam near us.
We saw this Red-tailed Hawk last weekend as we drove home. This time I had the big lens with me. Processed (HDR, tonemapping) with Photomatix.
  Why the digital tomfoolery? Original was pretty dark (inset).

Turkey Vultures, probably thinking 'look at that funny-looking creature!'


  1. We disturbed three turkey vultures early this afternoon quit close to the house, very unusual, although we do see them from time to time while driving nearby. I remembered reading people complaining how bad they smell, which prompted me to retrieve and dispose of the dead baby possum I'd tossed into the woods where the dogs wouldn't get it again. But the smell remains in the air.

  2. Wonderful pics.... Is the pic after Nancy a red tailed hawk?

  3. Oh, now I see you said it was.

  4. Yes, but I couldn't ID it for sure until I'd messed with the image on the computer.