Sunday, August 2, 2015

August Butterflies

New camera, new post. 

Odd coincidence: I first spotted this butterfly earlier today on a Kentucky license plate. It's a Viceroy, easily confused with the more famous Monarch. Some think Mother Nature hopes that birds will make the same mistake and avoid eating it as the Monarch supposedly tastes bad.

I delight in the female Tiger Swallowtail - all that lovely blue! 

Funny-looking thing, the Katydid. Sorry, not a butterfly.


  1. great new shots with new camera

  2. great new shots with new camera

  3. Excellent! What a cool imposter! xoxoxocj

  4. Thanks! Feels like nature often rewards me when I just take the time to put myself in it. The Viceroy was one of those rewards, don't often see them. (Hoping a poison ivy reaction won't be another!)