Sunday, June 14, 2015

Weekend Birds

June 14, 2015
I awoke to the sound of what I believe to be a Pileated Woodpecker drumming, so I put out the recorder. He/she didn't do it after that of course, but I think I captured the "fast wuk" sound
Speaking of sounds, I believe this to be the Field Sparrow, who I'd not heard in some  years until a few days ago.
Back to this morning, I was watching what I presume to be a young Hairy Woodpecker (didn't seem very street-wise) who made this sound

 Hairy Woodpecker

Today's big project was editing some slow-motion footage at the feeder, where the Red-headed Woodpecker has been visiting.
Here's the Youtube link. And another (more of the same).

 Red-headed Woodpecker
JPG from the same series the animated GIFs were made from in the previous post.

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