Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Day Of Young Ones

Field Sparrow. Nancy noticed the wing-bars, I noticed the longish tail. I've been hearing this one but today finally got eyes on the pair. My recent recording
Note: Most of these can be enlarged, but not the Field Sparrow, being a distance shot.

Mr. Bluebird and junior.

Mrs. Bluebird was not particularly happy about me and my camera, but I figure she ought to know me by now. Here she feeds the kid hogging the doorway, but then pushes under to feed another one (or two?). 

The missus again.  
Note: I usually shoot through the kitchen window, but today was outside, a few feet closer to the Bluebirds.

Young Oriole. 

Young Red-winged Blackbird. 

 White-breasted Nuthatch, I'm sure the one on the right must be a kid. 

Mrs. B. stocking up at the sushi bar. 

 Couldn't resist adding this handsome fellow!

Finally, this is the first year we've seen the new generation of Hairy Woodpeckers at our feed-zone. Brother and sister perhaps?  Of course that's Mr. Oriole in the middle.
Note: This was originally a single shot but I sort of scrunched it up a bit.

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