Sunday, September 14, 2014

29 Years Later

September 14, 2014
Why 29? 
Because this day Nancy and I celebrate 29 years of marriage, that's why!
Above is "shopped", couldn't get leaves and Moon in focus in same shot.

This Robin was one of the first birds du jour, looks fresh out of the bath.

 Oh joy - the Waxwings are in town!

I have a funny feeling I've seen the Ovenbird before, but if so I'd forgotten and it was like a new bird all over again. 
What a thrill, and right outside the open window too. I can only blame the heavy hand-held camera for the pics not being sharper, but I takes what I can gets.

Some kind of warbler I imagine, haven't looked it up yet.
Any ideas? 
Susie thinks Tennessee Warbler - looks like a winner to me.

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  1. Gareth thanks for the photos which are always putting a smile on my face!