Thursday, October 9, 2014

Lunar Eclipse 2014-10-08

This makes the day look lighter than it was (almost 1.5 hours before sunrise). 
It's a time exposure of 2.5 seconds, at 6:03am. 
The two red spots in the tree belong to another distant tower. I tried to obscure it with the tree but failed (that's how dark it was, couldn't see in the viewfinder). 
I could call this shot "The Two Towers".

The dot beneath the moon is Uranus. We knew to look for it but couldn't make it out with binoculars. I could, however, see the pair of stars in the upper right. Full disclosure: this is a combined image I did for the purpose of averaging out the sky noise. The Moon itself is from one exposure at 5:49am.  Supposedly the maximum eclipse was at 5:55am.
Photos taken by me from the Michael J. Kirwan dam (West Branch Reservoir in Portage County, Ohio) with Canon Rebel XT, 1.8 extender + EF 70 - 200mm F/2.8 L USM Lens, 2.5 second exposure at ISO 400.

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