Saturday, July 10, 2021

Phone Holder Project

Problem: phone holder won't expand to hold 6.125" length phone.

Challenge: design a solution which is reversible (avoid drilling holes, cutting etc); don't remove existing capability (example, extending the top bracket - my first thought - may solve the initial problem but remove the ability to hold a smaller phone or horizontally positioned phone).

My second idea was something like this. Even though the screw could have been replaced with a tie-wrap (zip-tie) I felt it needed a more rigid piece of metal than I had handy or could mock-up quickly.

My third idea was to suspend this piece from the existing lower supports. It is cut from some scrap sheet metal. The plastic edging prevents scuffing the existing supports. I hope the following pictures are self-explanatory. 

Submitted for evaluation, I need to know if this works. 
Two possible complications come to mind: phone angle may now be somehow unsatisfactory; position in vehicle with phone lower may inhibit connection of power/data connector.

If I'd had a larger piece of scrap on hand I might have extended it so it could have been tied in place to hold it more rigid when phone is removed. Prototype could easily be added to in this way.

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