Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Spring 2018

April 23 was eventful. First I found the 4 Bluebird babies (pics on April Bluebird page). 

Second: the first Thrasher of the season. 
Was very patient with me, staying put for quite a while until I got a bit too close.

Third nature event of the day: Eastern Milk snake on stairs, must be spring! I'd rather make this discovery going up the stairs to bed than first thing in the morning going down bleary-eyed (as happened years ago). This is my favourite snake, very pretty I think. Also non aggressive, I picked it up bare-handed and it didn't even strike at me. 
Even though I know they aren't poisonous, reading about it later gave me pause where it said it looks a bit like a Copperhead!

Backing up a bit, the mighty morphing Cardinal wishing us a happy 4/20. 

April 29, Pine Siskin, a combined image to show size with Goldfinch. Those yellow edges on the wing feathers are the giveaway, else I'd have guessed little House Finch.

Was hoping I'd see a warbler soon, then this one showed up as if on cue.
We're thinking it's a Pine Warbler. Top: another comparison with Goldfinch. Bottom: a bit of a mock-up. I had another shot like it (with Cardinal) but liked these two better. Needless to say, that suet feeder didn't stay empty much longer. Hope he comes back!

Carolina Wren in a characteristic pose.  

End of April and still ice on the bird bath, but I put up the hummer feeder in hopes of Orioles. Didn't see any yet, the first customers are Downys. IMG_9511-c
This afternoon began the great Carolina Wren escapade. Gotta clean up the mess I made rescuing this foursome before I take time to explain. Maybe on another post.

May 4, White-Crowned Sparrow, 9740-c.

Cinquo De Mayo and it's hard to get fired up about cutting the grass with all the flowers around. 9833-c.

The orioles have been here for a few days now. 9800-sc.
As have the Grosbeaks. 
My fave is the male that isn't quite there yet, as regards breeding plumage. He'll lose that eyebrow in time. IMG_9826-c. 

May 18. I'm not the only one to close my eyes when singing. IMG_0074-c

May 20, IMG_0177,8.gif
One of those warblers I could easily convince myself was a Goldfinch if not for bill colour.
Nancy: this is that flowering tree your pointed out, that I didn't think was apple. 

I often ignore the more common visitors, like this House Finch. But today this one caught my eye, especially with that background. They have a sweet song.

Bluebird pictures moved to May Bluebird post.

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