Sunday, May 3, 2015

A Day Of Sparrows

 A combined image, but they were on the same tree (same distance) minutes apart.
Left I think is the Swamp Sparrow.  No question about White-throated Sparrow on right.

 Lichen on rotting wood. Of interest are the cups. Perhaps it is British Soldier lichen (Cladonia cristatella), or Matchstick lichen? Cladonia macilenta?

 White-throat Sparrow again, male.
 Everyone knows the noisy Blue Jay.
 The lovely male Rose-breasted Grosbeak is a summer visitor, just arrived last week.
 Looking like he's on the way to a sporting event, I think this White Crowned Sparrow wasn't singing, had that slack-jawed look for some time as I photographed.

The top of a post in a park on our walk today. A riot of red. Similar to the other lichen in colour but I saw no cups and a lot less stalks. 
To me this resembles other online pictures of Cladonia macilenta.

All photos taken today 2015-05-03 with Canon Rebel, except the lichen with Powershot.
Other sparrows spotted today but not represented here: Song; Chipping; House.

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