Thursday, July 31, 2014

Birds of Blue in July

Before this year, Blue Jay visitors would skedaddle just as soon as they noticed us looking at them. But this year there are youngsters coming to the suet and they're pretty bold. This one is just outside the kitchen window, and it's wide open, no glass between us (hence the sharp photos). 
I know some folks are down on Blue Jays, but since they can't get in to our Bluebird house and I haven't seen them bothering anyone, I have no complaint. Apart from maybe taking more than their share of suet!

July 18, 2014: We still see quite a lot of our young Bluebirds (almost 2 months old). These shots were from a sequence that lasted about 6 minutes, when they appeared to be trying to snuggle up with each other as the evening cooled.
It is not the only occasion when we witnessed this behaviour.
There are more shots I hoped to include in the sequence, but it looks like 4 is the limit.


  1. Great!!!!!! Beautiful Gareth! Love your view, thanks so much for sharing.xoxoxocj