Saturday, September 12, 2020

Summer '20 Part III

Even more Summer 2020 (some of which I posted on FB). Newer stuff at the top.

September 15 - I thought the hummingbirds had all gone, hadn't seen any for a few days until this little lady tonight about 7pm. That's a flash shot, it wasn't really that dark outside.

Penitent Underwing (ID thanks to folks on iNaturalist) appeared in the kitchen window late tonight. I coaxed it indoors for photo-op where it was cooperative, to a point. Wouldn't let me pry the forewing to see the colourful underwing.

September 13

September 12. Hibiscus time-lapse spans 55 minutes.

This stereogram may be difficult on a computer screen (it is for me) but I can do it on my phone and get a nice 3D effect.

Nancy saw this hawk today (presumably same as recent visits). I didn't but the trailcam caught it. I'd rotated the camera hoping for a fuller view. Folks tell me it may be a juvie Red-tailed Hawk.


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