Saturday, December 16, 2017


A bit after 8am my brain unfogged and registered something odd on the ground below our kitchen window.  Camera.

8:30am, about 10 minutes into the session, IMG_1940-csL.jpg
With those grey feathers sticking out I first thought Titmouse. I had yet to notice the wing, bottom left. Eventually it became apparent that it had to be something larger, a dove perhaps? Not being good with hawk IDs, I only knew what it was not, by the tail, i.e. not a red-tailed hawk. Tom W. on FB suggests Coopers, mentioned eye colour, let's see if a closer head shot helps. 

10:43am IMG_2111-csS.jpg


Most of these were shot through two panes of glass which I'd thankfully cleaned just last week. At some point I got that down to one pane.



When we couldn't wait around any more we deliberately spooked it by opening the remaining pane with the camera running in video mode: 1:16pm 
Here are a few frames from that, making it a little easier to see that there was enough left to carry out for future snacking.

IMG_2135, Scale
In this picture, the man-made item is of metal tubing about 5/8" diameter.

A little GIF sequence from video frames, I call it the Yawn. 
I didn't pick up any sound with this.
The longest feather of the dearly departed is around 4 inches. I think those white tipped ones are tail-feathers and confirm the dove diagnosis. 
Note: I blurred out the top half of Nancy's tape. Who uses tenths of feet anyway?! Just confuses me.


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