Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Hatteras Holiday

2017 September - Avon NC
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1st stop, Edwin & Sandy's in Virginia. Praying Mantis.

When we arrived (Sept 17) the surf was pretty vigorous.
Possibly as a result of hurricanes Irma or Jose?

 3 days later.

Someone said this was fairly recent damage, just a few houses down.
House location: 35.345757, -75.502096
Green Tree Frog by the pool at the Mariner's Light.
The next picture is for scale, 1-7/8" diameter pool hose.

 I think this is a Willet. 
Eventually I'll post some beach-bird video.

Willet and Sanderling


On the Avon Pier. Ruddy Turnstone? 

As yet unidentified skipper on Blanket Flower.

A different skipper. Oughta be able to ID this one.

That ubiquitous Mockingbird

Now some people-pictures.


Pete on the pier.

My first ever time surfing. 
This was Friday 22, and the waves were back in strength, enough to knock you over.

Thanks Laura Marlow for cool photo and video!

Jeff, Trish and Scott on the boardwalk, haircutting, wine-tasting. 
Tricia did some great enhancing of the group shot.

High water and our first traffic jam on the way home, still on Hatteras Island.

Nancy, Bodie Island Lighthouse

Coffee with Edwin and Sandy.

Nearing home, this cool cloud guided us. Nancy said it looked like a conch. 

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