Tuesday, August 15, 2017

2017 Summer Part 2

Getting acquainted with Powershot SX60 HS.
First shots, August 12. It was someone else's lunar photo that drew my attention to this camera's zoom capability. This (mine) is uncropped at max optical zoom (x65).

Also uncropped, this is at max optical plus digital zoom. 
Time to pull out the Moon book and ID some of those craters!

Hand-held, zoomed in on local bunny. I think this is the younger one I often see.
Dragonfly at Diehl Lake, Aug 13. Maybe a bit smaller than what I think of as the typical dragonfly, but I don't recall seeing one of this colouring before. Maybe it's a water specialist. The little blob at left is one of many little insects on the lake surface.

Clouds so wispy on drive home.

Aug. 17, male American Goldfinch.
What has he been eating? I dunno.
Fool disclosure: I melded two images to extend the wonderful background colour on the left. 

This looks worse than it should because it's very low res. and Youtube has scaled it up.

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