Sunday, July 30, 2017

Mystery Bird

July 31 2017 
I have my guess of what this is, but still have doubts. Comments invited.
Didn't I do this last year for the same bird?
Maybe I should call it the deja-vu bird instead!
Bigger than Goldfinch.

 Seems to have come for the suet, which was empty.

August 2: Scale.
A ruler in the exact same spot puts head-to-tail at 5-1/4 inches minimum. 
It was angled a bit (top of ruler closer to us) but I doubt as much as the bird.

 For comparison, similar dimension for a House Finch is closer to 5 inches. Different twig, but ruler photographed at same place as bird. Yes, I shopped the ruler again for contrast.

Bottom line: 
I first thought young or female Scarlet Tanager, but now think Summer Tanager.

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