Friday, October 16, 2015


Ghost Crab. I put the nickel in the next day for scale.

 When I first saw him (rear view) I couldn't believe my eyes and thought maybe he was dead, but then he retreated into his pit. 1/2 hour later he re-emerged. 
 Meanwhile, another one came out nearby (combined for DOF).

This smaller one is well camouflaged. I found a site saying they 
"are able to chair their coloring to match their surroundings".

 A cooperative gull at sunrise.

Brown Pelican (immature?) from the beach.
 The dock was the spot for Pelican shots.

Need to ID the one on the left (Sanderling?). Guessing that's a Brown Pelican and some kind of gull.

Need to ID these guys.
 The same two with someone that appears to be quite different.

The Sanderling was a favourite, fun to watch running from the waves.

 I only saw one lizard, maybe it's a Green Anole?

 Meanwhile, street-side, Mockingbirds rule.
Rarely seen up our way, cousin of Catbird, Towhee and Thrasher.

The day before we left, these 3 were chasing around the front yard for hours. 
(Not a combined picture)

Must be the Cloudless Sulphur. They didn't sit still for top-of-wing shots.
I don't think we get these in Ohio, they seem larger than our Sulphurs.
 Here's one caught just after alighting, proboscis still coiled, wings slightly spread.

 We get a skipper something like this but I don't recall the long tail, or that iridescence.
The web says it's the Long-tailed Skipper, not ranging into Ohio if I read it right.

This smaller skipper fascinates in the way it parks it's wings.

 Gulf Fritillary, another one I don't see back home.
I include this shot because, although fuzzy, the eye struck me. 
On other individuals it didn't look eye-like at all.

Southern Hairstreak? Damaged but lovely.
 Ah, there's a familiar face, the Kildeer.
Lawn-abiding, by someone's pond.


  1. Beautiful.. glad you guys got in there. There was a week between us or it would have been a great way for us to get 2 weeks in. Sure hate to leave when we are there. Always love your pictures. I need to get a new one. The flash quit on my nikkon and the phone never does much justice.

  2. Hey Amer, thanks! Finally figured out who "gottalearnable" is by watching one of your videos!
    Susie (or was it Patty) just told us you guys were down thataway. Sure had a good time, one of the better vacations in my book.