Monday, September 7, 2015

My Owen Back Yard

I think I found an Oriole nest. 
Image is processed, I was trying to reduce that shadow area and get sky colour, but it came out a bit surreal. Photo from a few days ago. All the rest are from this morning (Labor Day '15) in my owen backyard. 
I haven't seen any orioles for at least a week so maybe they hit the road. On the other hand, Nancy says she's seen them maybe less than a week ago.
Yellow-rumped Warbler? What a beauty.


 Finally got that little bandito - the male Common Yellowthroat!

Pretty sure I've been seeing the female as well (earlier post).

This is herself too I'll wager.

Here's a non-bird project to wrap up the day.

Speaking of animations, almost forgot this flycatcher on high. 
Those wing-bars make me think Eastern Wood Pewee.

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